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Value of  $1 National Bank Note Currency Bills

Years: 1863 – 1877
Type: National Bank Note
Denomination: One Dollar Bill
Number of Issuing Banks for $1 bills: 1,378

Description: One dollar national bank notes have a chance at being rare. All $1 national bills feature two women holding hands as a central theme. The word “ONE” is printed on the bill in multiple locations. A large number one is printed on the left-hand side of every bank note. Great condition bills will almost always bring more money. If you want to sell your currency to us, we would love to talk.

Original Series $1 National Bank Note

Original Series $1 National Bank Note

Varieties: There are many minor differences in varieties for the one dollar denomination national. The most noticeable difference is the seal type. The bill picture above is a spiked red seal. If your note has a spiked seal then it was printed 1874 and earlier. If your note has a scalloped red seal then it was printed 1875 and later.

Some $1 national bank notes have red serial numbers, some have blue serial numbers. This does not impact the value. Collectors don’t mind very much about the serial number color. Different signature combination types will also be out there, but most of the time the most money will come from the date and most certainly which national bank the bill came from.


Dates: You can have a $1 national bank note in the following dates printed on them: 186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874, 18751876 or 1877.


One Dollar 1875 Series National Bank Note Value

Series of 1875 $1 National Bank Note

The bill pictured above has a red scalloped seal, meaning its a series 1875 $1 national bank note. Another slight difference between Original series and 1875 series nationals is a small vertical print on the left charter number that says “Series 1875.” I’ll make sure to add a photo for you to see. Also, keep in mind, some one-dollar national bills simply don’t have a charter number (see the first photo on this page). This does not impact value positively or negatively.

Series 1875 National Currency Red Overprint Near Charter Number

Series 1875 National Currency Red Overprint Near Charter Number

Value: The value of most $1 national bank notes is based upon condition and serial number. In some instances, a note will be worth $250, in others, $30,000. Please send me a picture if you have any questions about your national bank note.



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