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Value of 1914 Red Seal Federal Reserve Notes

Red seal 1914 notes were issued as Federal Reserve notes for a brief period of time before World War I. This issue is oftentimes misunderstood as a series 1913 because “Authorized by Federal Reserve Act of  December 23, 1913” is written on each note.

Even though it says 1913, these are still from the series of 1914. Be aware there are no star notes issued for the red seal series. Blue seal 1914 notes were printed directly following the red seals. I was once told a rumor that the color was changed because red ink was needed for the war.

However, the idea has since been disproved. I would gladly answer any questions you have about your old money from 1914. I am a buyer of high denomination notes and high-grade notes. Please contact me today, I’m happy to talk.

$5 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

$5 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

Series 1914 $5 blue seals are typically worth anywhere from $100 to $120 depending on their condition. Bills in perfect condition may be closer to $500 in value. Their value drops significantly if they have any issues like tears, splits, stains, rust, paper damage, pieces missing, etc.

At times the serial number or issuing district (number-letter combination shown on the left side of the note) can add a premium to the 1914 bill. Low serial numbers can bring a large premium. The $5 red seal notes all have an engraved portrait of President Abraham Lincoln at the center.

$10 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

$10 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

Series 1914 $10 red seals are typically worth in the range of $100 to $175  depending on condition. If your bill has a serial number that is under 100 it will likely have a higher premium than if it didn’t. President Andrew Jackson is engraved on all $10 federal reserve red notes.

$20 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

$20 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

Series 1914 $20 red seals depict President Grover Cleveland at the center of all $20 Federal Reserve notes. These notes typically are worth around $100 in circulated condition.

Typically higher denomation notes bring a premium, but these $20 are just as common as the five and ten. Send us pictures of your note and we can tell you a more precise value, for free.

$50 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

$50 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

Series 1914 fifty bills have a value of a few hundred if they are very circulated. Their value can spike significantly if the grade demands it. A high grade with a low serial number could bring thousands. President Ulysses Grant is shown at the center of each $50 red seal bill. We’ve paid thousands for some of these in better condition. Contact us today.

$100 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

$100 1914 Red Seal FRN Value

Series 1914 $100 bills are considered more common in circulated grade. Even in the lower grades, these have a very nice appeal. These notes have President Benjamin Franklin engraved at the center.

Make sure if you have one of these notes with a serial number under 100 or a star symbol in the serial number, you must realize these command a premium. We love talking about old money and would like to buy your currency if you are selling. Even if you aren’t we would still be happy to talk about your collection and help you with values.


If you have a 1914 red seal Federal Reserve note you want to sell, please contact us today, we are happy to talk!

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