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Value of 1861 Demand Notes

1861 Green Seal Demand Notes


Only three denominations were issued for the 1861 demand notes: five, ten, and twenty-dollar bills. The issuance of demand notes was the first true step into the world of paper money for the United States. These are collectible today. Counterfeits are prevalent in the market and easily detectable. These notes in high grade are pretty much non-existent. If you have a demand note and want a free appraisal from me, I would love to talk to you today.

1861 $5 Demand Note Value

1861 $5 Demand Note Value

Lower denomination notes are commonly the most available types issued, and that’s also true for these demand notes. The five-dollar bill was the lowest denomination and, while still considered rare, is the more common of the three denominations.

1861 $10 Demand Note Value

1861 $10 Demand Note Value

Ten dollar demand notes are scarce and very difficult to locate. Abraham Lincoln, pictured on the left-hand side of each bill, was still in office while these notes were circulating. It was later made illegal to have the image of a person still living on United States money.

1861 $20 Demand Note Value

1861 $20 Demand Note Value

You guessed it, the twenty-dollar demand note is without a doubt the scarcest of the three denominations. While these don’t necessarily have the prettiest design and aren’t highly collected, they do hold their value and are almost always expensive.

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