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Value of 1896 $2 Silver Certificates

1896 $2 Silver Certificate Value

1896 $2 Silver Certificate Value

Year: 1896
Denomination: Two Dollar Bill
Type: Silver Certificate
Depiction: Science (center) presents the two children, Steam and Electricity, to the more mature figures of Commerce (left) and Manufacture (right)
Seal Type: Red
Portrait: Robert Fulton & Samuel F.B. Morse
Varieties: Two different signature varieties which do not affect the value in circulated condition
Value: We buy many 1896 $2 silver certificates. Prices for circulated bills start at about $200. Better condition notes will bring closer to $950. Perfect condition notes will be worth over $3,500

History: The 1896 $2 silver certificate “educational” notes are considered the more popular and sought-after type of two dollar bill. Generally speaking all old $2 silver certificates from any date can be purchased at a reasonable price due to millions that were printed. Two dollar silvers from 1896 have a higher market price and demand due to their beautiful design and popularity among novice and experienced collectors. Collectors refer to this note as a one year type design. This means if you want this note, you must buy from the year 1896. We wrote a price guide for the one dollar educational and five dollar educational bill from 1896. They have similar designs but each depicts something very different.

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