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Value of 1907 $10 Gold Certificates

Year: 1907
Type: Gold Certificate
Denomination: Ten Dollar Bill


Description: Ten dollar gold certificates from 1907 are common and can be worth fifty to over two hundred dollars. This almost always comes down to condition and how unique the serial number is. If you have a low or fancy serial number, this is good news for you. Attach clear photos and email us at so we can analyze it.

The 1907 $10 gold certificates have a picture of Michael Hillegas (first United States treasurer) centered on each bill. Left of Hillegas is one gold X. The gold yellow seal is to the right, and the serial numbers will always be printed in the same gold yellow ink. The design is pretty much identical to the 1922 $10 gold certificate series outside of a few serial number and wording differences. At the bottom center, you see “TEN DOLLARS IN GOLD COIN” because you were able to trade this bill for gold coins in the early 1900s. There are “10” denominations in the corners of the bill.

1907 $10 Gold Certificate Value

1907 $10 Gold Certificate Value


Value & Information: Value can be determined by condition and how unique the serial number is. Notes that have a star on them are also always worth more. There are seven different types of 1907 $10 gold certificates. Many are worth $50. The rarer types can be worth over $10,000. Please do your research before you sell your gold certificate, or contact us for assistance.

I’ve handled thousands of the $10 1907 gold certificate type to know exactly the value of your particular bill. All you need to do is send me clear photos so I can analyze it better. Your bill could be worth a few thousand, or over one hundred thousand. You will never know if you don’t ask us!




We purchase $10 gold certificates from 1907. Send us a photo to and we will respond within 24 hours with any information we can provide along with our best offer!


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