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Value of 1869 $10 Legal Tenders

1869 $10 Legal Tender Rainbow Value

1869 $10 Legal Tender Rainbow Value

Years: 1869
Denomination: Ten Dollar Bill
Type: Legal Tender Note
Seal Type: Red
Portrait: Daniel Webster
Varieties: There is only one variety for the 1869 $10 legal tender note
Nickname: Collectors call these “rainbow” notes due to their brightly colored seal, paper, and security fibers (red, green, and blue respectively). If you turn the bill upside down the eagle at the bottom will look like a donkey. This bill is also nicknamed the jackass note. So, if someone wanted to get really serious, they would call this a rainbow jackass note
Value: We buy all 1869 $10 legal tenders. Prices for circulated bills start at about $300 Better condition notes will bring closer to $825. Perfect condition notes will be worth over $2,500


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