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Value of $1,000 Gold Certificate Notes

Years: 1882, 1907, 1922 & 1928
Type: Gold Certificate
Denomination: One Thousand Dollar Bills


One thousand dollar gold certificates were issued for four years: 1882, 1907, 1922 & 1928. All gold certificates printed prior to 1928 will be large size paper money, these large size thousands are all extremely scarce. Below we’ve given general information about these high denomination thousand dollar bills. If you have of these, or you think you have something similar, we are interested. We are strong buyers of all $1,000 gold certificates. Attach clear photos and email us at so we can analyze it.

1882 $1000 Gold Certificate Value

1882 $1000 Gold Certificate Value

The bill seen above is an 1882 $1,000 gold certificate, which less than 30 are known to exist today. Each note has a picture of Alexander Hamilton on the left-hand side. There are multiple different varieties from the seal size, shape, ink color, and signature combinations. We wrote more information here about 1882 $1,000 gold certificates if you’re interested. The value of these notes is always high, but the signature combination and seal type/ink color will also play a part in value.

1907 $1000 Gold Certificate Value

1907 $1000 Gold Certificate Value


The bill seen above is a 1907 $1,000 gold certificate. The 1922 $1,000 gold certificate looks almost identical to this one outside of a few wording differences. Alexander Hamilton is pictured at the center of each bill. We wrote more information on 1907 $1,000 gold certificates if you want to learn more. These notes are considerably less money than the 1882 series. Depending on the condition, either date can be worth over $50,000. We are always looking to purchase these bank notes from our customers. Give us a call or email us and we’d be happy to help!


1928 $1000 Gold Certificate Value

1928 $1000 Gold Certificate Value

Above is the only small size $1,000 gold certificate type ever printed from 1928. Most can be bought for about $7,500 depending on condition and serial number, which are both can be important. These bills are highly sought after and almost always bring what they are fully worth in the market. However, it all really depends. There is a page we wrote more information about 1928 $1,000 gold certificates if you want to learn more about them.




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