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Value of 1928 $100 Gold Certificates

Year: 1928
Type: Gold Certificate
Denomination: One Hundred Dollar Bill


Description: One hundred dollar gold certificates from 1928 are a breath of fresh air compared to the very common green seal and brown seal notes from the same date. Not to mention, they can be worth a lot more too. Condition and serial number will always be a factor. Attach clear photos and email us at so we can analyze it.

The 1928 $100 gold certificates have a picture of Benjamin Franklin, the United States Founding Father, centered on each bill. There was only 3,240,000 one hundred dollar 1928 gold certificates printed. All gold certificates prior to the 1928 series were all large size notes. Every $100 1928 gold certificate will always come with gold-yellow serial numbers and a gold-yellow seal.

1928 $100 Gold Certificate Value

1928 $100 Gold Certificate Value


Value & Information: Value can be determined by condition and how unique the serial number is. Also, if your bill has a star symbol at the end of the serial number, this can also increase its value. Many are worth $400. The higher grades can be worth $3,000 or more. Please do your research before you sell your gold certificate, or contact us for assistance.

I’ve handled hundreds of the $100 1928 gold certificate notes in my time. To know exactly the value of your particular bill all you need to do is send me clear photos so I can analyze it better. Your bill could be worth more than you think. You will never know if you don’t ask us!




We purchase $100 gold certificates from 1928. Send us a photo to and we will respond within 24 hours with any information we can provide along with our best offer!


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