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Gold Certificates – Information, Values, & Sales


Gold Certificate Values

Picture of a $20 dollar gold certificate bill with George Washington's face on it from 1905

1905 $20 Gold Certificate Front and Back

Gold certificates were first printed during the peak of the American Civil War in 1863 and stopped printing in 1928. These old notes can have high value, especially anything issued before 1880 should be considered extremely rare and valuable. Below we’ve put together a large table showing different types of gold certificates. When you click an image, it will bring you to another page on our website with more information regarding its value.

Click the denominations below for more information regarding a specific denomination. Below that is a short summary of gold certificates, their dates, values, and history. Further down I made a chart with every gold certificate known by date, starting from earliest to latest. You can click on each one to find more information and values.

| $10 | $20 | $50 | $100 | $500 | $1,000 | $5,000 | $10,000 | $100,000 |

Below is listed all gold certificate denominations in date order, starting from the first large-size type 1863 $20 gold certificate. These are considered extremely rare and hard to come by, all the way to the more common 1928 small size notes. Regardless of what you have, I want to speak with you about your collection or gold certificates you have and offer you a better price than anyone else.

The 1863 series gold certificate was the first printed and considered very rare. The note has an eagle on the left side, the denomination and the seal at the right, with red serial numbers. The backs usually come with vibrant orange color, but can oftentimes be discolored due to poor storage. These notes, in any denomination, are just flat out rare. Not many were printed, and even less exist in collections today. Those issued often circulated hard, trading hands often, and most all of them were destroyed. These rarely hit the market, but when they do, they oftentimes sell for over $100,000. Please contact us if you are fortunate enough to own one of these notes.

1863 $20 Gold Certificate Value

1863 $20 Gold Certificate Value

1882 was an interesting time period due to the design change and new issuance of the gold certificate. Surprisingly, many 1882 series notes were printed well into the 20th century. This means one bill that says 1882 can be 100 times rarer than another bill that says 1882. It really depends on signature combinations, print runs, and how scarce they really are today.

1882 $20 Gold Certificate Value

1882 $20 Gold Certificate Value

The next series saw another redesign with an increasing reliance on gold certificates. The years 1900, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1913 and 1922 all are known to have gold certificates from them. The majority of these are fairly common, with the exception of the 1905 $20, and high denominations over $100. A circulated $10 1922 in decent condition can bring anywhere from $60 to $120.

1922 $10 Gold Certificate Value

1922 $10 Gold Certificate Value

In 1928 the United States changed the size of paper money to what we are familiar with today. The small size was the final design gold certificates ever received. 1928 notes tend to be more common but there are higher denominations which hold a premium. Notes with printing errors, low serial numbers, or stars should be evaluated by a paper money expert.

1928 $100 Gold Certificate Value

1928 $100 Gold Certificate Value

If you’re looking to sell your old paper money gold certificates, or have any questions about your collection of notes and would like some help, I am always here to help. We are interested in your old banknotes.


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