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Value of 1923 $5 Silver Certificates

Year: 1923
Type: Silver Certificate
Denomination: Five Dollar Bill
Portrait: Abraham Lincoln


Description: Five dollar silver certificates from 1923 are relatively common, but better condition bills can be valuable. 1923 was also the last year large size silver certificates were issued by the United States. These $5 silver certificates are known by collectors as porthole notes. The way Abraham Lincoln is pictured at the center appears to have him behind the glass of a ship’s porthole. We would love to see what you have, please contact us by email or phone today.

The 1923 $5 silver certificates are very popular among collectors due to its extremely unique porthole design. These notes always come with blue ink serial numbers, seal, and large 5 overprint on the right-hand side of the bill.

1923 $5 Silver Certificate Value

1923 $5 Silver Certificate Value

Value: The value of 1923 five dollar silver certificates is based purely upon condition. These bills sometimes come with a star symbol at the end of the serial number, which can double its value. Low serial number porthole silver certificates tend to bring more money as well. If you’re not sure which type you have, we would be glad to help. These bills are often worth $450. However, we have paid over $900 for higher-grade or low serial number examples.

While 1923 $5 silver certificates are popular bank notes among collectors. If you want to talk to us about it, or are interested in selling the bill, please contact us today.




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