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Value of 1896 $5 Silver Certificates

1896 $5 Silver Certificate Value

1896 $5 Silver Certificate Value

Year: 1896
Denomination: Five Dollar Bill
Type: Silver Certificate
Depiction: Electricity surrounded by other allegorical figures, representing the dominant force in the world. The United States Capitol building can be seen behind the female figures
Seal Type: Red
Portrait: Ulysses S. Grant & Philip Sheridan
Varieties: Three different signature varieties which do not affect value
Value: We buy all 1896 $5 silver certificates. Prices for circulated bills start at about $300. Better condition notes will bring closer to $1,300. Perfect condition notes will be worth over $9,500

History: 1896 $5 silver certificate “educational” notes are considered the more popular and more difficult type of five dollar bill to come across. By no means are they the most rare type of five dollar silver certificate bill, but they are one of the most popular. Five dollar silvers from 1896 have a higher market price and demand due to their beautiful design and popularity among novice and experienced collectors. Collectors refer to this note as a one year type design. This means if you want this note, you must buy from the year 1896. We wrote a price guide for the one dollar educational and two dollar educational bill from 1896. They have similar designs but each depicts something very different.

Curious how much your old $5 bill is worth? Check out this value guide we wrote on our website.

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