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Value of 1875 $50 Legal Tenders

1875 $50 Legal Tender Value

1875 $50 Legal Tender Value

Years: 1875
Denomination: Fifty Dollar Bill
Type: Legal Tender (United States Note)
Seal Type: Red
Portrait: Benjamin Franklin
Varieties: All 1875 $50 legal tenders are signed by Allison & Wyman. There is only one variety for this year
Value: 1875 is an incredibly rare date for this denomination. Prices for circulated bills start at about $1,000 Better condition notes will bring closer to $5,300. Perfect condition & rare variety of notes will be worth over $71,000. We buy all 1875 $50 legal tenders.

If your bill does not look like the note pictured above, click here to see the price guide we wrote for $50 national bank notes.


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