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Alaska National Currency Bank Note Information

  • Alaska had three issuing banks in Juneau, Fairbanks & Ketchikan.
  • There are 137 Alaska national currency bank notes known.
  • Which ranks it the second scarcest state/territory to Porto Rico.
  • All notes from Alaska are territorial notes. 
  • Alaska nationals are considered extremely scarce & highly desirable
  • We are aggressive Alaska National Banknote buyers, contact us today.

Rare Alaska National Currency Bank Note Issuing Banks


  • First National Bank of Fairbanks, Alaska
    Chartered in 1905, This bank issued red seals, blue seals, and small size brown seals before closing in 1935.
    This is the only bank in Alaska to issue red seals! If you want to sell your Alaska currency, contact us today.

  • First National Bank of Juneau, Alaska
    Chartered in 1898, This bank lasted through the note-issuing period to 1935 and issuing large and small size notes.
    This bank issued brown seals. A brown seal on this bank would be a great find!
    This bank is the most desirable of the Alaskan charters. If you have one, we will be happy to appraise it for you, even if you don’t want to sell it to us.

  • First National Bank of Ketchikan, Alaska
    Chartered in 1924, This bank only issued 1929 small-sized brown seals.
    This is the most common small note issuer in Alaska… and is still considered very difficult to find.


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