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Alabama National Currency Bank Note Information

  • Alabama had 164 issuing charters in 93 different towns.
  • There are 5036 Alabama national currency bank notes known.
  • Which ranks it the 31st most common state.
  • Alabama has 24 national banks with no national currency known to exist, despite having so many known in existence.

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Rare Alabama National Currency Bank Note Issuing Banks


  • First National Bank of Attalla, Alabama
    Chartered in October 1905 this bank lasted a mere six months and was shuttered by April 1906.
    There are no notes known.

  • First National Bank of Childersburg, Alabama
    Chartered in 1911 this bank operated for eight years before succumbing.
    This bank printed a fair amount of notes so this is one bank that I am sure will appear.

  • First National Bank of Cintronelle, Alabama
    Chartered in 1903 this bank printed red seals and blue seals before going out in 1916
    This is another bank that should have some surviving notes.

  • First National Bank of Coffee Springs, Alabama
    Chartered late in 1918 this bank lasted until 1930 before it went under. This bank has a great title.
    There is one large series 1902 note known on the bank.

  • First National Bank of Columbia, Alabama
    Chartered in 1906 and operating for 10 years you would think this bank would be more common..
    They printed red seals and blue seals, none of which are known to exist.

  • First National Bank of Cullman, Alabama
    Chartered in January 1904 This bank limped along until December 1905 before calling it a day
    They printed only 191 sheets of red seal notes. A fantastic note if ever found.

  • First National Bank of Fort Payne, Alabama
    This bank sprang to life early in 1889 issuing $10 and $20 brownbacks only before receivership in 1894
    A note from here would be a major find as the bank has listed only $80.00 outstanding.

  • First National Bank of Samson, Alabama
    Chartered late 1906 and operating up to 1930 this bank issued a decent quantity of notes.
    Sadly there are none reported. A small sized $20 would be a novelty since they only issued six sheets.

  • First National Bank of Wetumpka, Alabama
    Chartered in 1905 and lasting until 1935 this bank is available in small-sized
    There are only two large known and neither is a red seal.

  • Florence National Bank of Florence, Alabama
    Lasting less than two years from 1889 to 1891 this bank was very small
    They issued a total of 290 sheets and went out with $180 outstanding.

List of All National Banks for Alabama


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